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Thursday, 1 November 2012


Thanks to the invitation of friends MotorPlus, and some user community matic, which coordinated by Ozygen precisely in September 2009 is located in a small Sentul race held matic pilot and followed by many participants number over 150 starters. His name is Matic Race. This makes me tick with the rationale as follows:

There should be variation in addition to the duck race since matic population is increasing and should be no place for channel creation mechanics and drivers.From the point of view of the business world, this event must be turned on because at that time the European economic crisis is taking place and will definitely hit Indonesia. So ill be a domino effect that entrepreneurs engaged in the racing parts must come together to make this event happen in order to keep the business rolling in the racing part without dampat European economic crisis.On the basis of the thought that I invite my friends to join this event and hold terkumpullah teman2: Indopart, Federal Oil and Kawahara. Small events that happen and be a success for the inaugural event, the name MATIC RACE.
YEAR 2010 (5 SERIES)
Kesuskesan makes teman2 more excited and I am more convinced of investors (sponsors) for a more concentrated and make this event as R & D (Reset and development) product of the investor (in this case I refer to investors is not a sponsor because all the rules are made for kepertingan RnD products) . This makes investors more confident then, I think it should be made with great fanfare as a new event and should be a public spotlight. The major investors are: BRT-FEDERAL OIL-INDOPART-KYT give confidence to investors BRT to becoming coordinator and indicate ozygen into his EO.
To be more excited I let the idea go international event and named: BRT-KYT-INDOPART-FEDERAL OIL, International Matic Race 2010, with the invited riders from Asia to attend classes supporting class named Minerva SUPER STAR. foreign riders in attendance were: Malasya, Philippines, India, Spore. It is a history in racing in this country that does not involve car manufacturers to show a quite magnificent. But the series 1 is not running smoothly because the permission of the government did not come out when using International. This is a debate because of negligence on request permission EO event without notifying event is international. Eventually permission was granted last minute and had to change its name to: INDONESIAN SUPER RACE MATIC 2010 (IMR). This name was given to several reasons:
Indonesian name is the insistence of IMI administration not to use the name InternationalSuper Matic is a brand alliance matic the Federal OIL SUPER MATIC.

IMR 2010 is considered the most controversial event because many binding rules using a certain brand of product and I think this is reasonable because the newborn and mutual cooperation and results teman2 investors. So they are entitled to require that the product should be used. There is an agreed and some did not .. because it is difficult to please all the people who have different interests. But at least then we think this event should start first and any consequences for long-term investment thinking.
Abundant gifts make the drivers into crowded bandwagon but only to the extent of my algebra crowded outside Java quiet .. this is normal because new stuff.
At the end of the season the investors to evaluate the success of their products and masing2 have different assessors were satisfied ... there ... and who is not satisfied there ... it definitely macem-macem.

Continuing IMR 2010, IMR 2011 held in JAVA, it appeared that some investors withdraw and be replaced by some new players and BRT also pulled out of the main sponsors. Who withdrew were replaced by FEDERAL Oil and TOP1. Likewise with a sponsor supporting BRT wrote. This means that BRT does not require participants to wear the product CDI BRT.
IMR 2011 event is considered less successful visits of participants who dropped ... what is it? Many different point of view. From the results of the survey are:
Regulatory issues that are often changed and are not comparable.Implementation of a well-ordered packed less.It is very regrettable investors and me as the originator of the initial idea matic race moved back to revive matic race more professional and independent. Investor friends asked me back to a race coordinator matic 2012 will be held.

Viewing conditions and pergerak business is primarily in the field of racing Matic, so do not allow matic race when held by one party alone. So I asked my friends to make the event more beyond that held by OZYGEN. This is because there must be many events that the population is increasing. Finally, this year there are 3 race matic event organized by: OZYGEN, TRENDY PROMO and Montes.
This brings a breath of fresh air for the racing mania matic.
EO masing2 given the opportunity to pack the show to be more qualified. Call it the second event is to be held:
INK-INDOTIRE-Idemitsu-xxx, Indonesian Matic Race 2012 (sorry klu misspelled title)This event EO by: OZYGEN
KYT-TOP1-INDOTIRE-BRT, The Master of MATIC RACE 2012This event EO by: Trendy Promo
MATIC RACE by MontezThe more events the better because polulasi will speedily grow and bring a new atmosphere to the related. And will bring benefits to all parties the origin of the execution time of a well coordinated and mutually conflicting ...
Population will rapidly berkembanganBusiness supporters of racing parts will be developed rapidly for the budding entrepreneur or a senior.Provide opportunities for mechanical mengeluti matic field.Good investment for the team because of the amount will be many more events.Opportunities for prospective sponsor to join the success of this event when deemed useful.Above benefits will be achieved when:
The EO each other to coordinate the execution time so as not to clash for the common good.Regulation should be withdrawn uniform and agreed upon by all partiesRegulation should be fair and impartial to each other on one of the car manufacturers.Regulation should benefit investors and traders who not sponsor a fishing gimik to participate in both the event sponsor or team that competed.

Well want to go where???? Confused??? What if the rules are not created equal ... there must be a mutual understanding for the benefit of all parties to the current and future dating.
In 2011, the rules set by the PP MP7 IMI and has been published in the YELLOW BOOK. But unfortunately in 2012, for the class MP7, MP5 and MP6, was not included in the list of books and yellow means not included in kejurnas. Therefore, the rules for the MP7 or matic was determined each IMI area created on the basis of community input and technical experts.
At this time each region already has IMI rule though is different, because it was not diatus by PP IMI Center .... Monggo set itself .....
MATIC RACE 2012, what to do? Wong sponsor is similar .....? means that the rules must be made SAME ...

On this day MPLUS into mediation on EO to integrate the word in terms of making regulation because it was created by EO tegulasi Ozygen OE trendy and there are DIFFERENT, na,,,, which would be followed? CONFUSED donk rider? any one want to come .. need revision championship matic machine settings? ....
Incidentally today I participated with family friends:
Bp. Krishna and Diding Representing EO OzygenBp. Helmi and Toddy Representing EO TrendyBp. Aong and Yudi Media MPLUSFreddy Ozzo Representing IMI Jabar and concurrent Engineering EO OzygenTomy Haris Representing IMI JABARTomy Huang Representing Sponsors

- Meeting was conducted aiming to equalize the perception of race rules matic 2012. Apparently from the IMI JABAR have made rules that have been approved and will be used a reference matic race held by OZYGEN. In this case I will mention Regulation Version Ozygen alias JABAR IMI (IMI due to ozygen ask JABAR).
- While trandy Promo has made its own rules called Regulation Version Trendy. This rule I took part in a change of the rules of IMR 2011 due to balance and Fairness for all brands of motorcycles.
- Class diperlombakan by both EO is the same for all classes matic.
It turns out from the results of these meetings have not produced results some of the results:
WORD AGREEThe EO agree that tolerance is a cylinder capacity 1cc, for example, a class could be up to 130 .. 131 CC
NOT AGREEFUN ONCE? please read carefully and ask the opinion:
In the 130 cc Beginner Class:RULE OZYGEN:
- Diameter Valves are STD size and should not be altered.
- Maximum diameter 26mm valve may be changed
Regulation amended the maximum valve size 26 mm only because to make a fair among all brands of motorcycles matic because masing2 different sizes:
Mio: original valve Size: 23 mm
Beat: original valve Size: 25.5 mm
To maintain balance, I proposed a rule to be 26mm, so that all have the same chance of getting power. And in this case being that the MIO will not be harmed before the match. So the brand of motorcycle riders who represent some over zealous with the same caliber. Or long class will be OMR Honda Beat???
Well ... it still takes time to change the rules JABAR IMI is waiting for input and
response from the racing community. Please monggo given response ... or who want to IMI JABAR suggestions please ....
- The trigger valve should use the standard system and should not be altered.
- Megneto should use standard and may dibubut the outside or inside and lodestone be removed.
- The trigger valve types are free and may be changed using the roller.
- Magnet-free,
Regulation size of the trigger is different for each type of engine:Mio: use the trigger regular (flat)
Beat: Using a Roller
So in order to balance the classes must be freed using the kind of the trigger .... as consideration:
- The ability of a machine with platuk technology would be balanced.
- The cost of treatment using roller becomes cheaper for as more durable.
- Market many outstanding parts roller at a price affordable to buy and which to move the racing parts business economics itself.

Magnet Regulation should be released for several reasons:- Klu class condition tune up will require a lighter magnet to keep that engine durability is not as fast chair swerved and would save money for long-term curing. Usage should not use magnet magnet racing eg YZ, could use a small tablet that is cheaper.
- When restricted use std magnets, to increase engine power greater very risky to make drain twist and cause damage and endurance machines .. this will make the extravagant cost.
So thus should be made freely Magnet will favor all parties and does not limit the creation makanik to become more intelligent.
Well ... to this day has not been in sepakti 3 things are by the alias OZYGEN Matic IMI JABAR for race events by OZYGEN've stayed one week longer. In my opinion the rules could be changed for the next series and socialized now.
So it is the analysis and description of my ...
I addressed to:
Bp. OKAY Djunjunan (IMI Chairman JABAR)Matic racing community

I request consideration of all the people who want to come and make the event a success matic race in Indonesia .... please leave comments and suggestions, if:
Agree to give a trendy Rules OKAgree with Ozygen rules give no sign OKAY.

The proposal can be given through the media and social networking fb etc ....
Greetings to all, smoga proposal acceptable to all parties ....

Tomy Huang

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